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Welcome to our School Blogs. Here you will see all the exciting things we have been doing in our school! Just click on the owl below to go to the class of your choice! The Standens Barn Blog Team will be keeping this up to date over the course of the academic year. Of course, we will be tweeting updates (@standensbarnps) so make sure you come back and visit us soon! Owl_Logo              Owl_Logo             Owl_Logo              Owl_Logo Giraffe’s Class             Zebra’s Class                  Class 1M                      Class 1N   Owl_Logo         Owl_Logo                   Owl_Logo           Owl_Logo    Class 2H                    Class 2M                        Class 3F                       Class 3R Owl_Logo             Owl_Logo                 Owl_Logo              Owl_Logo    Class 4AN                    Class 4H                        Class 5C                         Class 5H Owl_Logo            Owl_Logo                  Owl_Logo             Owl_Logo

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Italian Blog!

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8 Responses to Our School Blogs

  1. gabriela stanciu says:

    Good job!


  2. Erica Cullen says:

    Good luck to the KS1 gymnasts for the Gymnastics Festival next week. I’m sure you’ll do really well. From Mrs Cullen (Parent Governor).


  3. I’ve written about your blog on my blog – hope that’s OK!
    Here’s a link to the post http://mypad.northampton.ac.uk/fdlt2012/2015/01/29/a-school-that-blogs/


  4. Najma says:

    well done keep it up!!!


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